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A whooooole new booooook!  
01:08pm 23/05/2010

               As Amanda so nicely said it the other week, “you’re not starting a new chapter in your life…psh, your starting a whole new BOOK!”  It is not that I am denying the excitement that I feel inside when I think of getting out of this city and starting all over again, yet I can’t help but to feel extremely melancholic and confused. 

The truth is that I’ve been a mobile individual ever since I immigrated into this country.  With every move, every change, and every beginning I’ve learned and grown a lot.  However, I have also lost many great relationships, connections and the sense of belonging that most people have. 

Upon college graduation I felt a huge accomplishment by having completed a dream that both my family and I had.  Words can’t describe the immense feeling of happiness that I got knowing that all of the efforts made in my life had not been in vein.  I came into this country as an immigrant, having to learn a brand new language, being dirt poor, not knowing anyone, and only having the love of my family and the hope of a better tomorrow.  And now here I stand with a degree that most people in this country will never have……me the Mexican boy that dared to chase his dreams.

And now as I stand on the horizon of a new challenge and aim for even more accomplishments I know that the decisions I am making are the right ones.  The universe has an energy that is undeniable and makes everything always fall into place.  I leave Memphis with many memories, many great friends, and taking one of the biggest gambles of my life.  Yet, everything always happens for a reason and one day I will connect the dots and know that my destiny and fate had a bigger plan for me than I can’t even imagine now…..at this moment, though,  I am just going to enjoy the ride!

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