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Sale El Sol  
05:34pm 19/10/2010

"Y un dia despues de la tormenta
Cuando menos piensas sale el sol"

     Inspired by the metaphor used in Shakira's new album (which is currently playing in the background) I begin to realize what an incredible journey I've experienced this summer.  This year, 2010, marked ground breaking beginnings and discoverys.  The year is quickly shedding away, but each day I realize more and more that this year marked my independence and sparked a fire that will fuel the rest of my life. Here is a recap that not only reminds me of how much I've changed, but also of how much I was able to turn things around and well...see the sun come out.


Definitely one of the biggest accomplishments of my life!

Moving to Orlando:

It was the summer of the change, the World Cup, The Waka Waka, and along side
my best friend I embarked on a decision I would never regret.

Got a JOB:

Landing a job at the Med/Surg floor at South Seminole Hospital was a blessing
that allowed me the opportunity to start my career.

Meeting the best guy ever:

"I am yours now. Now I'll never have to explore."

Passing Nclex:

Taking the hardest test I've EVER taken and coming out victorious made
me feel like I CAN do anything!

Buying the car of my dreams:

2010 Jeep Wrangler Sport

Moving downtown into an amazing apt:


A new adventure for me and Amanda....and a lifetime of memories to come!

     The year of the "G" continues and I cannot even imagined all the exciting things that lie ahead. This Tiger will continue to spread it's paws and conqure it all!

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