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I am not an echo but the sound  
03:16pm 02/02/2012
"Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing" -Theodore Roosevelt

As an adult I give many thanks to my parents for all the fundamental ethics they installed within me as a growing child.  I lead by example and their dedications to altering my lifestyle as a young boy have impacted me throughout my whole life.  I watched my young parents struggle to keep a family afloat in the difficult economy of Mexico and more so fight to survive in a foreign country where we only dared to dream of a better future.  Together they showed me that dedication, commitment, and lots of determination can bring you one of lives greatest gift…. self fulfillment and satisfaction.

This period in my life I am living is full of self pride. I still wake up every day and almost pinch myself in disbelief of everything I've accomplished. It all seem so impossible a few years ago and yet here I am. 

Last week I completed my intensive care training for Orlando Health.  It was a four month struggle maintaining my hours at work while attending classes while adjusting to a new environment and new role.  Quiz after quiz and exam after exam I worked very hard to prove mainly to myself that no obstacle is bigger than me and that my dreams are all within my reach…if only I put in the work.

In the end I was victorious and I am officially an ICU nurse.  This is a huge leap in my career! I remember dreaming of the day I would see the RN credentials behind my name and now I am not only a nurse, but part of a department that I am very proud of and a team that is respected among my profession.

It brings me to tears to realize how every long session of studying, every outline of notes, every word read, and every sleepless night of stress have all molded me into this strong, confident, driven man that I am today.

Again, I give thanks for the amazing foundation my parents laid upon me and for showing me that even us, small humble Mexican people, can accomplish our wildest dreams if we never loose hope and always look into the horizon.

"I work and dream and dream and work everyday" -Shakira
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